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Top Ten New To Me Authors… and a life update

Books?? What are books????

Sorry for my long absence! My plans to manage my time have, for the most part, failed abysmally. I have been working seven days a week for the last month, balancing multiple jobs plus the heavy performing schedule that always comes with the Christmas season as someone doing a lot of music. I’ve gone bananas.  Even during my normally failproof reading time – while I’m in transit or waiting for the bus – I still can’t read, because I’m so tired I just start falling asleep immediately.

I have set some very moderate December goals. I’d like to do a paltry but hopefully achievable 2 reviews of books that I read throughout the year but didn’t get around to reviewing. I’d also like to do a recap, and some sort of top ten post from 2015, though those will likely come in early January.  In the meantime, I have a lot of reading – both of books and blogs – to catch up on, and I’m sorry to have missed so much.

All that said, I had some time this morning, and I was able to scrape together a Top Ten Tuesday (run, as always, by The Broke and the Bookish). One without much in the way of links, or pictures, though – sorry!  Virtually of the authors I read in 2015 were new to me… this year has been FULL of me going “Why haven’t I ever read (author) before?!?!?!?” These are just a few of them. Continue reading Top Ten New To Me Authors… and a life update

Book Club Discussion Questions for Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice

This month, it’s my turn to choose a book for my only in-real-life (as opposed to the online) book club. Probably to absolutely no one’s surprise, I chose Ancillary Justice, which you may have noticed I am rather fond of.

With most books I can nab a set of questions already online somewhere, but nothing came up during a cursory search this time… So I came up with some of my own. I know many of you have read Ancillary Justice as well, so I thought I would put them up here first to solicit some feedback – are there any changes you would make to what I’ve come up with? Did I ask something silly? Are there questions you would add, or quotes you think are particularly discussion-worthy? I would love any input!

Spoilers ahoy if you haven’t finished AJ yet. Go read it now!

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Awesome things about Ancillary Sword

Ancillary Sword is the sequel to Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, so if you haven’t read that, go read this or this instead… or better yet just go read the book, because it’s AMAZING.

So: in lieu of a still-to-come review, I present you with this point-form, not altogether very academic, and possibly vaguely spoilery list of things I loved in Ancillary Sword.

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What I’m Doing Wednesday (5)

Recently finished Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones; this week’s library haul includes Cold Magic by Kate Elliott, Feed by Mira Grant, and Mechanique by Genevieve Valentine.

Ever since The Force Awakens trailer came out I’ve been in the mood for some lightsaber fights and stormtroopers… so I’ve been catching up a bit on Star Wars Rebels. It’s some good, wholesome Star Wars fun and I’d like to catch up before season 2 starts because HAVE YOU SEEN THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS?

star wars rebels



Finished Tomb Raider! I’m sorry I waited so long to play you, Tomb Raider, you were so much fun, and I can’t wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider now.

One month anniversary!

It’s been exactly one month since this blog went live! Some observations on my first month of blogging:

  • WordPress tells me 28 published posts, including 11 book reviews.  This isn’t a sustainable of a pace, I think, but I’m getting a better idea of how much time this takes and how much I can realistically devote to it on a weekly basis.
  • I am finishing books much faster than I complete reviews, so my backlog is getting bigger and bigger. It’s a bit of a problem but I’m not sure I’m prepared to read any less or write any more… so I may have to reevaluate, and not review every single thing I’m reading.
  • I am really really amazed any time someone comments on a post. It’s so exciting!
  • And I’m so excited by the number of excellent, passionate, book-loving, nerdy people running fantastic blogs I’m finding, and the way my TBR list has started growing exponentially in the last month. It’s awesome.
  • For some unknown reason McKenzie Westmore followed me on twitter.
  • Also Kameron Hurley retweeted me once.
  • So what I’m saying is I’m basically a rock star
  • I have offered to buy my sister 4 Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches if she makes me a nicer header. Which is a pretty great deal for her, really, so I likely won’t have this starry-galaxy thing going on forever.

And that is my profound, life-changing rumination on one month of blogging.

Thank you SOOO much to everyone who has been reading and commenting and getting me excited about doing this! I’m so grateful.

Singing spaceships: a pre-review of Ancillary Justice

I didn’t even read the blurb on the back of the book (well, it was an e-book) before I started reading Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. The only thing I knew about it was that it won All The Awards in 2014, so I thought I should give it a shot.

Because I didn’t know anything I then had this fantastic experience of figuring out what exactly I was reading about that went something like this:

  1. Protagonist is not human, cool
  2. Protagonist seems to be able to occupy multiple bodies at the same time oh wow EVEN COOLER
  3. wait
  4. is she
  5. yes yes she is A SENTIENT SPACESHIP!!! !!!!!!!!

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