Top Ten Tuesday: Romantic Interests I Wasn’t Interested In

A Valentine’s Day freebie for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and Bookish.  I could have done romantic interests I did like, but that wouldn’t have given me a chance to complain as much! And so my topic is:

Romantic interests I wasn’t actually interested in.

As always, I’m sticking to the SFF universe… and my Top Ten Tuesday is turning into a top 5 due to time restraints.

fortune's pawnuprootedname of the wind

The Dragon, Uprooted (Naomi Novik)

I only just reviewed this, so my feelings on the Dragon are pretty close to the surface. That guy is an ass. He is condescending and I would so, never, ever date someone who called me “idiot” that many times. Or even once, actually.

Rupert, the Paradox Trilogy (Rachel Aaron)

I love the Paradox Trilogy to bits and pieces. It is the absolute best. Alas, the romance with Rupert was the one thing I could never get into. I was, at best, lukewarm to him. SO it was hard to be emotionally invested in their relationship, which unfortunately is what a lot of the drama (especially in book 3) centres around.

Rand, The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)

I realize that Rand is probably not the love interest, but rather all the ladies… but honestly, I was consistently stumped throughout the series what it was that these three (!!) amazing women saw in Rand that was so wonderful. I would love to see more thoughtful depictions of polyamory in fiction, but this felt like a teenage boy’s fantasy of what polyamory would be. And those women could have done so much better than Rand. Especially Aviendha. She was a badass!

Flint, Shadowfell (Juliet Marillier)

Even though I *just* finished this book, I actually had to look up his name so I didn’t write “that guy”. Not very memorable, and I felt like he was very old to be romantically interested in a 15-16 year old.

Denna, The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)

I realize Denna is having a hard time in life. I’m sure we will find out all about her traumatic past in book 3.  But I get so tired of her jerking Kvothe around and being all evasive and mysterious. I want him to move on with his life! Find someone who can be honest and open with him, and build a healthy relationship! Leave this frustrating relationship behind! (That said, Kvothe is an unreliable and self-centered narrator, and his portrayal of her is undoubtedly biased.)


Who are some of your least favourite romantic interests or relationships?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Romantic Interests I Wasn’t Interested In”

  1. I’m completely with you on the Dragon! Especially with that scene where she’s almost raped and he tells her it was her fault. I was SO mad that he was the love interest.

        1. I hadn’t, and I love it so much!! I still keep hearing about how fantastic and steamy the romance in Uprooted was, and this post is exactly why it makes me feel so gross and disturbed to hear that. Thanks so much for sharing.

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