Diversity on the Shelf Challenge 2015

I’m still getting a handle on this book blogging world, but one of the things I’m seeing a lot of is the reading challenge. Obviously, I am already completing a significant challenge of my own this year by reading female authors… but in addition to that, I’m taking a look at some other goals I’d like to set myself in my reading. Which leads me to my first ever official book-blogging challenge: Diversity on the Shelf, hosted by My Little Pocketbooks.

My Little Pocketbooks

Diversity on the Shelf challenges readers to seek out books by writers of colour and/or that feature a person of colour as a main character, with the goal of encouraging diverse writers and representation in the publishing industry. This is a great way for me to ensure that, in my women-focused year of reading, I am being intersectional and emphasizing the work of women of colour as well. So I’m going to shoot for the 4th shelf category (19-24 books); if I achieve my reading goal for this year, that would account for close to 50% of the books I read.
Zoo City (WOC protagonist) and Orleans (WOC protagonist and author) satisfy the requirements of this challenge. I have 8 more books by women of colour currently on my To Read list (I’m less sure how many have POC protagonists). If I read all of these, this brings me to a total of 10—a decent start, but not nearly enough. So if anyone has recommendations of their favourite speculative fiction by women that will help me fulfill this challenge, please leave them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Diversity on the Shelf Challenge 2015”

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions!! That A More Diverse Universe link is phenomenal – so many books, and with reviews attached it is really a fantastic resource.

      I will be sure to check out the monthly links as well 🙂 Looking forward to joining in the challenge!

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