Mini-reviews: Three favourite short stories that are available online

Cover art for ‘As Good As New’ by Yoko Shimizu. Image from here.

I am mostly a novel reader, but I do try to mix things up from time to time—so here are three of my favourite short stories I’ve read recently.  And the best thing is that all of them are available for free online!

As Good as New, Charlie Jane Anders
Read it HERE

This is a variation on the traditional ‘be careful what you wish for’ short story; it’s also about the most cheerful post-apocalyptic story I’ve read in a long time. Marisol finds herself the sole survivor of an apocalyptic disaster, in a panic room with a lot of frozen dinners and seasons of Mad Men to watch. When the opportunity arises, she combines her various talents as a playwright and medical student to try and set things right.

Night’s Slow Poison, Ann Leckie
Read it HERE

In Ancillary Justice, Breq is always hopefully introducing herself as “Breq from the Gerentate” and crossing her fingers nobody actually knows anything about the Gerentate so they don’t call her out on her lie (it’s a lot less awkward than introducing yourself as a Radch warship). In this story, we meet someone actually from the Gerentate. It’s short, but it packs a punch; as in the other Imperial Radch books, Leckie explores turning points, those defining moments in which someone chooses. If you enjoy her writing, this is a must-read.

Hunting Monsters by S. L. Huang
Read it HERE 

A memorable mix of Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast, this plays with the simplistic notions of morality in both tales’ original forms. Xiao Hong and her family are woods-dwelling hunters who must be very careful not to kill a grundwirgen – a human cursed to live in animal form. But her family is not perfect, as she uncovers secrets of her family’s history, she will learn that both loyalty and monstrousness take many different forms.

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    1. You’re welcome! It has some intriguing additional world-building, and it’s neat to hear about the Radch Empire through someone other than Breq, however briefly.

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