Top Ten Tuesday: 10 books I’d like to see as movies/tv shows

It’s Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and Bookish: be sure to check out the master list of blog posts on books that would make great movies/tv shows!  Here are my picks:

  1. Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay

Vengeance, love, sympathetic villains, secret assassins, epic battles, a country whose very name has been wiped from history… Kay’s story would make for a very dramatic, interesting, and highly cinematic miniseries, I think.

  1. Orleans, Sherri L. Smith

I would love to see Smith’s post-apocalyptic New Orleans on a big screen, and I would especially love seeing Fen de la Guerre as a protagonist.

  1. The Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss

Given their popularity, I will be shocked – shocked – if they don’t end up onscreen in the next few years.

  1. Nightrunner Series, Lynn Flewelling

The Nightrunner series would provide plenty of excellent fodder for a fantastical television series, or several movies. What makes me want to see it particularly more than other  fantasy adventure books, though, is the fact it has a same-sex romance at its heart – something that isn’t represented enough in the fantasy/sci-fi that makes it to the screen.

  1. The Imperial Radch Trilogy, Ann Leckie

I haven’t got a clue how they would go about doing it – a multi-bodied protagonist! Alternating timelines! And oh but I do worry deeply about how the agender society would be handled – it is so rarely done well in film and TV. But all the same, I really want to see Breq the glorious spaceship-cyborg protagonist being an absolute badass, I really do.

  1. Sabriel, Garth Nix

The sound design would be so exciting – a book with a necromancer protagonist who uses bells to lay the dead to rest is just incredibly exciting to the sound geek in me. Plus, it’s has both young adult and adult appeal, a badass female protagonist, and zombies – it would be perfect for today’s TV or film markets!

  1. Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer

I’ve been waiting for my Artemis Fowl movies for YEARS. Years I tell you. It would be hilarious and action packed and really I just want to see a movie about an indignant technophiliac centaur, a badass gun-toting fairy girl and a snarky Irish preteen crimelord.

  1. The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes

It’s probably all the Hannibal I’ve been watching lately, but I can’t stop thinking that Bryan Fuller would do a fantastic TV series based on this book. Though that said, I’d be worried with most other people at the helm – it would be way too easy to have it turn into a crime procedural with some time travel thrown in, and I fear it would lose some of its feminist message in the hands of a less capable and thoughtful showrunner.

  1. Neuromancer, William Gibson

I had this on the brain after listing it in Heists for Tough Traveling. A heist story, plenty of gadgets, and a team of misfits, what’s not to love? (Mostly I really want to see Molly Millions character design, with her retractable razor claws and mirrored eyes.)

  1. Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson

This tops my list without a doubt, and for one reason only: the fight scenes. Can you imagine how awesome the fight scenes would be in a Mistborn movie??? SO AWESOME, that’s how awesome they would be.


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 books I’d like to see as movies/tv shows”

    1. I haven’t read Steelheart, but Sanderson seems to write systems of magic seem to have a lot of cinematic potential! I thought about including Warbreaker for its ‘colour magic’ as well.

    1. Mistborn is a great place to start! It’s my favourite series of his I’ve read so far – aside from having some of the best fight scenes ever, the plot is really cleverly crafted, and I’m a big fan of the unexpected ways it subverts some typical tropes of fantasy. A lot of Sanderson’s very cinematic in scope, so I’m hoping that – if not Mistborn – we will see something of his in movie form soon!

  1. Epic fight scenes are a must. Or just really well done ones (like in Netflix’s Daredevil)
    I have Sabriel too 😉 one of my all time favorite novels-and Sabriel is the female fantasy hero we need!
    This is an awesome list. I almost put both the Kingkiller Chronicles and Artemis Fowl too. I know they were talking about making AF into movies years ago, and it never went anywhere.
    Rebekah @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books I’d Like to See as Movies/TV ShowsMy Profile

    1. I haven’t got around to watching Daredevil yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things, especially about the fight scenes! Can’t wait to see it.
      And I so agree about Sabriel – she is just the sort of capable, well-written female lead I am dying to see onscreen! I definitely tried to pick books with female protagonists I enjoyed for this list, because I’d love to see more female led films and TV series.
      I remember hearing rumours about Artemis Fowl years ago as well – I think someone has the rights to it? I can’t imagine why it hasn’t been made, it seems like it would be a surefire blockbuster.

    1. Yes!!! Your co-blogger and I would probably get along, I am basically on a life mission to make sure everyone I know reads Ancillary Justice, haha. I love it so much. It would be an exceptionally challenging movie to make, but parts of it are incredibly cinematic, and I love the protagonist dearly, so I can’t help but hope some brave soul attempts it!

  2. The Kingkiller Chronicles would make a really fascinating adaptation though I wonder if it would work best as a movie or a TV series…. And who would they cast as Kvothe…Hmmm… I also considered Sabriel but couldn’t imagine how they would deal with the bells but your right – a creative sound person could do something cool with it. Also like the idea of an Artemis Fowl series!
    rudejasper recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Bringing Books to the Big ScreenMy Profile

    1. I think I would vote TV series for Kingkiller Chronicles – Kvothe, and therefore the story, meanders around a lot so you’d probably have to streamline it and cut out a lot of the interesting details for a movie.

      And really I’m shocked Artemis Fowl hasn’t been made into a movie (or series of movies) yet, it’s such a popular series and would translate so naturally to screen!

    1. I agree, it should get more love! I love the setting, and Fen’s unique narrative voice, and the non-romantic relationship between Fen and Daniel… it’s the best YA book I’ve read in a long time.

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