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Women of Genre Fiction Challenge 2015

I have a shelf now in the Women of Genre Fiction Challenge 2015. Hosted at Worlds Without End, the goal of this challenge to find and read either 12 or 24 female authors in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror genres whose work you have never read before.

This will be pretty easy for me given my female-focused reading this year and the fact there are a positively shameful number of women SFF authors I have never read. At a glance, my ‘to-read’ list contains 28 brand new-to-me authors – and the list is always growing.

Check out the challenge here, where you can look through the books being read by participants and add some stuff to you to-be-read list… And thanks Tammy for pointing me in the direction of this challenge!

Diversity on the Shelf Challenge 2015

I’m still getting a handle on this book blogging world, but one of the things I’m seeing a lot of is the reading challenge. Obviously, I am already completing a significant challenge of my own this year by reading female authors… but in addition to that, I’m taking a look at some other goals I’d like to set myself in my reading. Which leads me to my first ever official book-blogging challenge: Diversity on the Shelf, hosted by My Little Pocketbooks.

My Little Pocketbooks

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