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Book Review: Broken Monsters (Lauren Beukes)

Review: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes
HarperCollins – Standalone

“Everyone lives three versions of themselves; a public life, a private life and a secret life.”

Detective Gabi Versado is investigating a series of murders in the city of Detroit, murders that are more gruesome and creative than anything she has seen in her career. She searches for the killer slongside a host of other characters searching for their desires—fame, meaning, love, a fresh start.

Broken Monsters is a tense and creepy combination of supernatural horror and crime thriller, populated with complex, flawed characters and unforgettable murder scenes. The beginning is like the opening to an episode of NBC’s Hannibal*—aka, with a memorable, incredibly disturbing, but artistically rendered murder tableau. Turning death into art, and tapping into the strange fascination and appeal death can have, is a major theme of the book—both with our artistically inclined murderer leaving behind beautiful and horrifying bodies, and through the plotline of journalist Jonno, who hopes to turn images of the dying, recession-hit Detroit into art.

Also, each book I read by Beukes seems to be getting progressively more disturbing. I can’t wait for what’s next!!

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Book Review: The Shining Girls (Lauren Beukes)

Review: The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
Science Fiction/Thriller – Standalone Novel

After I enjoyed Zoo City, I put The Shining Girls on hold at my local library. It’s the story of a time-traveling serial killer hunting down the titular girls, each of whom ‘shine’ to him. It is also the story of his only survivor Kirby Mazrachi, who searches for her attacker and starts to uncover anachronistic details about him that lead her down strange and dark paths.

Let’s immediately start with a trigger warning for violence against women, including trans women, in the book, and discussion of violence against women in this review.

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